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By - Allan Reynolds

DIY Replacement Windows – in Vinyl siding

DIY Replacement Windows

My wife and I seriously think about replacing our aluminum window frames with vinyl windows this summer – and get these, do it yourself. She has this funky idea that, without experience in windows, I can just go out there, remove a window at a time, and replace them with the new ones, zip, that’s it. All done. LOL. Okay , I’m the handyman; but I really have no idea how this honey-do get, well, honey done.

Sure, I can just go there, pop one out, and pop one back. But. the biggest obstacle in the road is what to do with the vinyl siding and metal wrap around the current window.

The existing window footprint is like, oh, I do not know, an inch to 2 inches wide. The new replacement window would be up to 4, possibly 4 1/2 to 5 inches wide. Where does that leave the metal wrap? It should be reduced to a certain point; right? Or does the window lie on and just caulk around it?

Do I remove it and get stuck with what lies beneath it: possibly bad wood that would look awful unless it was sanded and reprimed and painted? I mean, why did the previous owners have vinyl lace and metal wrap? I do not want to know what’s under there, not yet good.

So. does anyone know the answer here or can you point me in the direction of a good visual representation of how to deal with the replacement of windows going into a vinyl-sided, metal-wrapped windowed house? My wife, I know, would certainly appreciate this information.