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By - Allan Reynolds

How do I choose the best automatic garage door?

The accesses to your home or your company are fundamental for comfort and safety. Choosing correctly is the guarantee that your property is safe and that the automatisms work normally. They seem obvious issues, but as in any other purchase you should bear in mind that not all automatic doors have the same guarantees.

The choice of the best door depends on what your expectations are. It will depend on the characteristics of your property, the novel comfort and security you seek, the maintenance and repairs offered by the installation company and of course the installation price.

1 – Quality versus price
Quality and price must be proportional. In the market there are many automatic garage doors with different prices and equally different qualities. Our recommendation is that quality and price should be proportional to the level of comfort and security offered by the company. There is an old saying that cheap is sometimes expensive . The automatic garage door is the first barrier of your house to the outside. It does not make much sense to install a door with slats a few millimeters thick if we want to protect our property safely.

Therefore it is not about choosing the most expensive door. It’s a mistake. As also it is to choose the cheapest one.

Advice: choose the door that meets the quality and safety standards of the standard ( REGULATION UNE 13241-1 ).

It is the only certification that assures you that your installation complies with the requirements of the European Union for doors and automation.

2 – Maintenance and repairs
Like all complex mechanisms, an automatic door can suffer breakdowns that require specialized repairs. Our recommendation is that you choose an installation company that provides you with a comprehensive door maintenance service every day of the year. It is one of the main accesses to your property and therefore it is a service of first necessity.

3 – Manufacturers or intermediaries?
We recommend that to choose the automatic garage door with greater guarantees you look for a door manufacturer because they are the only ones that can offer you a linear and lifetime warranty for your new garage door. By linear warranty we refer to the manufacture of the door from its manufacture in workshops to its placement in your property.

In summary.

How do I choose the best automatic garage door?

Choose a manufacturing company that meets the requirements of the European Union for this type of automation and that offers a maintenance service and comprehensive repair. With these premises you will ensure that you buy a door with a lifetime guarantee.